New hardiness maps are out

John Bryan
Mon, 02 Jun 2003 08:51:02 PDT
Dear All:

Zip Codes exist for the entire country. Why the Hardiness Zones can not
be tied into the Zip Codes I do not know. Then instead of a map with so
many mistakes, difficulty in  knowing just where one zone ends and
another begins, we will have a very fine and detailed listing, in book
form. I have long proposed such be accomplished but nothing happens.
With such large scale maps it is impossible to see where exactly zones
are. Cheers, John E. Bryan

Tony Avent wrote:
> Pat:
>         I was at a meeting last month with the Asst. Director for USDA-ARS
> (Agricultural Research Service).  I chided them about the absurb way in
> which the new hardiness map was being ruined (i.e. omitting 20 years of
> data and deleting 50% of the temperate zones).  The Asst. Director was
> furious upon hearing this and went on to explain that they had only funded
> the project, which was to be completed by AHS (American Horticulture
> Society).  As many of us already knew, this was only a publicity stunt by a
> former director of AHS.  I view this fiasco as one of the greatest
> disasters in American horticulture...just ahead of the ridiculous heat zone
> map that was also publiched by AHS.  Wilmington NC would now in the same
> zone as Washington DC.  If anything should have been changed, it should
> have been to double the number of zones.  I guess us nurserymen should be
> happy as we will certainly be selling more plants to the wrong zones and
> having many more plants to die due to this poor zone information.
>         Our contact at USDA-ARS assured me that any copies of the new map would be
> labeled as "working copies".  USDA will be working to try and get this
> ridiculous new map corrected.  I hope this helps shed some light on the new
> map.  Everyone who agrees should email the American Horticulture Society
> and demand that this project be halted immediately.
> At 09:50 AM 6/2/2003 -0400, you wrote:
> >I thinkk the new maps need a  redoing. The Carolinas are a mess the old map
> >was  better.
> >
> >Pat
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