Fri, 20 Jun 2003 09:53:42 PDT
Arnold <> wrote:

>I believe # 2 is heterophyllum 
>and #3 is tortuosum. Please correct.

Arnold, I would agree that #2 is Ariseama heterophyllum based on what I can see of the flower.  Seeing more of the foliage would be useful to offer up an even more confident opinion.  

My plant of A. heterophyllum (photos available at… ) just emerged on June 14th (it's always this late), yet is already about 3' tall in 1 week... amazing how fast it sprouts up. Last year it flowered in two weeks from sprouting, at the beginning of July, with the long upturned tip of the spadix taller than me (I'm 5'-9").  It's a fantastic plant.

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