Non geophyte on the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:49:43 PDT
Dear All,

Mark and I have been discussing what to do with pictures that people may 
want to load that are off topic so to speak. We think our wiki could become 
very full just adding images of geophytes so are reluctant to open it up 
for everything. We have decided that if a genus has a few geophytes, 
pictures of those can be put on a wiki page, but they will be prefaced with 
Geophytic X to show that the geophytes are the exception rather than the 
rule. So I removed the wiki page for Pelargonium and replaced it with 
Geophytic Pelargoniums. That way no one will be tempted to add pictures of 
Pelargoniums that are not geophytes, beautiful though they may be.

And we think that if someone gives seeds to the BX of a non-geophyte that a 
temporary picture can be uploaded so people will know what it looks like 
just as Mark Wilcox did with the picture of seed packets of some of the 
seeds he was donating. After a few weeks those images will be removed.

The same thing can be done for a non-geophyte that has been the topic of 
discussion. People who want to see what is being talked about can see it 
and the picture will be removed later rather than creating a page for 
something that doesn't really belong. I hope this will be the exception as 
it does make a bit of work for us.

It is in this spirit that I have added a few images (temporarily) of the 
Delphinium cardinale that John Ingram saw and asked about. This one is not 
a geophyte as it has a woody rootstock. There are three pictures, one of 
the plant, one of typical flowers and one of a flower that was redder than 
the others. There can be variation in the color as I found out when I grew 
some from seed and one turned out yellow with red markings. I understand 
that people at the PBS gathering at Cathy's that those of us who were 
unable to go have yet to hear about (HINT, HINT) were interested in seeing 
these pictures.………

Mary Sue

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