Wiki text and Arum images

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 14 Jun 2003 06:53:28 PDT
Dear All,

Our pbs wiki is a great resource for people who are wanting not only to see 
a picture of a geophyte but to learn more about it. When someone goes to 
Google and puts in the name of one of the plants pictured on our wiki 
pages, within a few weeks after the picture has been put up quite often one 
of the choices will be our pbs wiki page that contains that picture. And at 
least on one species I checked it was the very first choice!

I want to compliment Paul and Angelo for not only adding the interesting 
Arum pictures, but for writing something about them. As Paul models so well 
if you are going to write that something is blooming you need to add when 
and where. You never know when someone will search for that picture and 
blooming "now" will be a mystery later as most people won't look through 
all the revised pages to see when the picture was added. It's fine to say 
blooming now in my garden to our group in an email, but if you are going to 
mention about when a plant is blooming on the page more information is 
needed. If you have created a wiki page for yourself (which we hope 
everyone will who uses the wiki) with information about where you live and 
you have continued to link your photos people can at least discover the 
hemisphere and perhaps how cold it gets where you live, when it rains, etc. 
That information will be very helpful. Telling about the plant not only 
provides a service to those people wanting to know more, but it gives 
credibility to our wiki.

When I have time I try to add text to our wiki and so does Mark M., but we 
don't always have the time and may not grow the plant in question so will 
have limited knowledge about it so when I see that someone has added 
interesting text to go with the plant, it makes me very happy!!! :-)

Mary Sue

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