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Please contact me privately.


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Hi everyone,

Over the last week I have heard from several friends who have sent me
mail that 
I have not received.  I live in an apartment complex that is becoming 
increasingly run down, and I know that our complex mailbox has been
broken into 
in the past.  I'm hoping that you all will be willing to take a moment
to rifle 
through your checkbooks and see if all of your checks to PBS have been
I'm afraid that a few might have been "lost in the shuffle."  I just
made a 
deposit on Thursday, so every check that I had should have cleared by
now.  If, 
in your past statements or your next statement, a PBS check is uncashed,
it may 
have disappeared into the nether region which now stands where my
mailbox used 
to!  (Please note that this does not apply to those of you participating
in the 
Croft group order!!!).  

If you come across a check that has not been cashed, would you please
me privately?  Also, until I move (which will be in early August), would
please refrain from sending cash, even if it's just a small amount for a

I'm so sorry that my own hassles are now becoming your hassles, but I 
appreciate the assistance.

PBS Treasurer
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