Cyrtanthus species and hybrids

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 16 Jun 2003 19:07:40 PDT
Dear Bill,

Thanks for identifying your picture. A couple of people thought it was 
yours as did I.

I am sure everyone will enjoy looking at your Cyrtanthus pictures. And we 
can wait until you feel better for a description of how you grow the 
different species. On the Cyrtanthus page Bill has written a nice 
description about his philosophy on this genus.…

This morning there was a web migration on ibiblio what ever that means. 
Since then the formatting on our wiki is very strange. I have written 
support about that but wanted to warn everyone who might be trying to 
access it or work on it that there is a problem. You can still see the 
pictures and read the text, but expect some unusual symbols and error 
messages as well. For the time being I don't think it is possible to make 
thing bold and italicized. So everyone please send positive energy to get 
it sorted out.

Mary Sue

>Hi Folks,
>As promised a while ago I have uploaded a collection of Cyrtanthus species 
>and hybrids images onto the Wiki.
>Only the pictures so far at this stage, will add a few descriptions later.
>These are all the species that have flowered so far.
>Now I am temporarely suffering from RSI (repetative strain injury).
>Go have a look and enjoy.
>Best wishes,  Bill Dijk
>PS: the Rhodophiala bifida is ours Mary Sue.
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