diana chapman
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 07:15:38 PDT
Hello All:

The Arum palaestinum I grow also opens black, fading to a very deep purple.
It has no scent, but it's outside and that makes a big difference as far as
obvious scent in these plants are concerned.  I grew it in very exposed
conditions this year and the color was definitely lighter.

There are supposed to be two populations of A. palaestinum, one from Judaea
and Sumatra that smells like rotting fruit.  The other one is from southern
Syria and has no odor or a fetid odor.  I assume my plants are the latter.


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> >Grown under HID lights not pleasantly scented
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> Arnold,
> Does the growing under light make them paler, or is your A. palaestinum
> actually red rather than dark almost-black.  The full shot you posted
> quite pale, so I am wondering whether it was made lighter by lack of
> sunshine?  My plants of the same open pretty much pure black, fading to a
> deep dark red-purple/almost black as they age.  That is why yours stood
> so much to me and I thought it was worth asking.  Having never grown that
> sort of thing under lights I have no idea what that would do to the
> Cheers.
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