Questions about seeds from hot and dry summer areas

John Lonsdale
Wed, 18 Jun 2003 08:20:04 PDT
Can anyone please tell me whether seeds which are dispersed from geophytes
which are native to areas which are hot and dry in the summer (and therefore
summer dormant) will get dry in the summer?  The obvious answer to this
would be seem to be yes - so I am asking myself why I continue to water pots
of such seeds during the summer.  Genera in question would include Crocus,
geophytic iris, Cyclamen and a host of other 'Mediterranean' bulbs.  I
mentioned before that I have seen some seed of some of these bulbs rot
during the summer, when I have kept them moist, and temperatures are
consistently in the 80s and 90sF.  I am tempted to stop watering
ungerminated seeds of these bulbs around now, and restart in mid-September.

Seeds of ephemeral things like Hepatica, Anemonella, Helleborus, Adonis,
Trillium etc. will continue to be watered as I think letting these dry out
would be seriously detrimental - but what about western erythroniums?

Whatever Mother Nature does has to be right, doesn't it?

Comments welcome please.


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