Lilium species

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 09 Jun 2003 12:26:34 PDT
Dear All,

Ron Moodycliffe sent me some Lilium pictures he had taken for the wiki. 
Some he has grown and flowered from seed and others he took pictures of in 
Washington, Oregon, and California. I have gotten them to the wiki, but am 
hoping he'll write something about them as well. Below are the notes he 
sent me with the pictures. Thanks Ron!…

L Martagon Hirsutum Grown from seed Photo here . L Maritinum photographed 
in a paddock at Fort Bragg N CAL . L Occidentale ,photographed at Mary & 
Bill Hoffmans place in Oregon city. L washingtonianum Mt Hood ,L Amabile 
seed grown ,L Cernuum seed grown .

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