Bounces, etc.--You might want to keep this

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 28 Jun 2003 08:35:29 PDT
Dear All,

Here is a bit of information that may answer questions that come up from 
time to time about receiving email on the pbs list.

There will be times that people are busy or away and the messages are few. 
If you are worried that you aren't getting mail, you can always check the 
archives. If there is nothing there, (unless ibiblio is having a problem) 
it means things are slow and no one is posting. Every message we receive 
tells you how to access the archives.

If you look on the archives and there are messages you haven't been getting 
there can be several reasons. First your own server may be having problems 
and you may get the mail later. I've had that problem and so have a number 
of others who have written me privately.

Second your server may be bouncing messages from pbs. This also happened 
with a few of our subscribers who were able to contact their server and 
correct the problem. Your server may have decided the pbs messages are spam 
and you just need to let them know. A few of you have created filters that 
exclude certain domains and when one of our subscribers writes a note to 
our list from that domain you won't get it. I try to write to ask if you 
want to exclude that person the first time that happens, but if I don't get 
a response back usually just assume that that person doesn't want to get 
those posts.

Your email may have been disabled by ibiblio. It does this after a number 
of messages from our list have been returned. It sends a message telling 
you this has happened, but if all the messages are coming back because you 
no longer have this email address or your mail box is full you won't get 
this message either. I write too, but if the message to me is returned I 
can't really do much more.

On every email message there is the url for our home page:
If you click on this you get all the information about our list, how to 
post, etc. On the very bottom of this page you can access your own 
subscription by typing in your email address. You will need to know your 
password but once you have put in your email address (the one you used to 
subscribe to our list if you have several), there is a spot you can ask to 
be sent your password if you have forgotten it. Once you have accessed your 
subscription information you can change it how ever you want. There are 
many choices (digest, nomail, getting duplicates, getting copies of your 
posts, the format for posts, etc.) When you go on vacation please set it to 
nomail instead of unsubscribing. It makes it easier for us to keep track 
and if you are somewhere you can access your email and want to send us a 
message you can still do that. If you have been disabled for excessive 
bounces you will have been set to nomail by the system and can change that.

If you know why it has been bouncing (your were away and your box was full 
for example), then enabling it is all you need to do. But if you don't know 
why, I suggest you contact your individual provider first as that is 
usually the source of the problem.

I hope this helps.

Mary Sue
PBS Administrator

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