Cyrtanthus species and hybrids

Angelo Porcelli
Tue, 17 Jun 2003 15:09:25 PDT
The only Cyrtanthus I am able to grow here is sanguineus. It performs exceedling well for me and flowers reliably every August. I call it my small summer Hippeastrum. I water them sparingly in summer and are left to natural rains for all year. Some are in pots, other in the ground. The elatus, var.delicata and alba, I have seen the flowers just on the web ! Only some years ago an elatus flowered and since then no more. Also I have mackenii and speciosus raised from seeds three years ago, but this last just one bulb has survived and has been even eaten this winter, leaving few small offsets.
It would be interesting to see if some hybrids of sanguineus x elatus or other species could grow well in a Mediterranean climate.

Angelo Porcelli

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