Crocus in MA question

John Bryan
Mon, 02 Jun 2003 14:45:50 PDT
Dear Anthony:

There could be any number of reasons such as;
1.	Bulbs have become too crowded.
2.	Foliage was removed before it should have been.
3.	Last cutting of the grass was made too late.
4.	Compaction ( new and heavier mower as an example) has harmed the 
5.	Lack of feeding, grass has used all micro nutrients.
6.	Herbicide used on the lawn or other chemical products used.
7.	Build up of thatch has changed conditions enjoyed previously.
8.	During aeration of the lawn the crocus were harmed.

Cheers, John E. Bryan

anthony goode wrote:
> I received the following enquiry recently.  While I can make general
> observations I cannot comment on local factors (climate etc) from so
> far away.  Can any other PBS members offer advice?
> " I am almost embarrassed to ask such a mundane question, but do you
> know why plain old crocus just won't bloom? I have some in my lawn and
> some in spots in my gardens- Some bloom and then whole patches just
> produce foliage without any flowers. What might be some causes of
> this?
> I would really appeciate your reply. Thanks so much."
> The correspondant lives in Scituate, MA.
> Tony Goode, Norwich UK
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