New Wiki Pages

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 20 Jun 2003 08:12:46 PDT
Dear All,

Some of you don't probably check the recent changes on the Wiki as I do 
every day to make sure everything is working properly. And yesterday 
ibiblio corrected the problem from Monday. I found the following new pages 
very interesting and I think the rest of you will as well.……

Also Paul Tyerman has improved on his:…

We do not have wiki pages from these contributors:
Digby Boswell, Gary Buckley, Sheila Burrow, Alberto Castillo, Paul 
Glattstein, John Ingram, Jane McGary, Ron Moodycliffe, Ernie O'Byrne, 
Angelo Porcelli, Lee Poulsen, Rachel Saunders, Dirk Wallace, Mark Wilcox 
but I hope some day we will.

Mary Sue

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