New mystery bulbs

Jane McGary
Tue, 24 Jun 2003 09:15:42 PDT
Dear Alberto,

Thanks for confirming Harold's identifications (at least I got Zephyra 
right). I think I will post a couple of others in the future and hope the 
two of you know them. I wish there were a page for "Miscellaneous" genera, 
or families anyway, though it is hard to tell what family to put some of 
these genera in, the way they are changing them around.

I understand from your note that you are very busy. Shall I get someone 
else to write the review of "Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs"? I truly need it 
by August 1. If I do not run reviews soon after publication, Timber Press 
will stop sending me review copies. Let me know if it will not be possible 
for you to write the review in the next month.

I expect your bulbs are mostly dormant by now. I hope conditions soon 
improve in Argentina and that you can get help in the nursery again. I will 
be repotting and replanting my bulbs soon; it is summer here though no one 
has told the weather gods -- it is cold and rainy the past week.

With best regards,
Jane McGary

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