Ipheion from Argentina

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Wed, 04 Jun 2003 19:56:56 PDT
Jennifer:  You'll prolly get lots of responses......here's mine:
            1-   Decorative
            2-   Keeps soil from spattering the leaves while watering with a hose
            3-   Keeps much of the soil from rising to the top, when plunging the
                  pot in a large container of water - which is the way I do it.
            4-   Probably inhibits some weeds from sprouting.  Anyway, weeds  
                  can be pulled easily without disturbing the soil too much.
            5-   Keeps the top of the soil in the pot somewhat cooler.

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Hi all,

OK, you probably all know the answer already, but I'm in the dark...  I noticed  
in two of German's great photos that he's got some small, decorative rock sown  
on the top of his pots.  Many other photos show a similar setup.  What purpose  
does that serve?   

Thanks in ignorance,
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