Allium triquetum II

Harry Dewey
Sun, 29 Jun 2003 07:54:40 PDT
James Waddick wrote:

> Dear all;
>     I noticed (after posting of course) that I spelled this onion as 
> Allium triquetum and it 'looked ' wrong. A quick googling gave some 
> 'hits' under this spelling, but even more as Allium triquetRum. Allium 
> experts- care to vote?
>     A. triquetum    or    A. triquetrum ? 

Dear Jim:
Questions of accuracy aren't often satisfactorily settled by voting. 
IPNI (the International Plant Names Index), operated under the auspices 
of authorities at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 
<>, The Harvard University Herbaria, 
<> and the Australian National Herbarium 
<> , provides definitive spellings for most 
plant names at

Note the correct spelling of this allium name at…

When IPNI needs supplementing, I recommend turning to the Missouri 
Botanical Garden's W3Tropicos database at
My friend Hubert Agback, of the University of Uppsala, one of the 
world's most distinguished botanic bibliographers, writes that he finds 
IPNI and W3Tropicos invaluable and adds: "I also value very much the 
Plants database for North American plants maintained  by USDA. It is 
found at

Unfortunately this database is not fully harmonized with the great Flora of 
North America project.  For cultivars, the Google search engine is invaluable."

You will find the correct spelling of Allium triquetrum at all three of 
these megadatabases:  IPNI, W3Tropicos and Plants.  By design, of 
course, the Google and other search engines deliberately perpetuate all 
misspellings, as they should.

The Plants database is maintained, by the way, in Beltsville, Maryland, 
where it is a beautiful day today.

With best wishes to all,

Harry Dewey, Beltsville, Maryland USA zone 7a

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