The Chemidaceae
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 09:59:26 PDT
Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:

>I find it quite fascinating that 
>this genus which was another one 
>that was included in Liliaceae in 
>The Jepson manual is slated to join 
>Camassia in the Agavaceae family.

And from the PBS wiki Chlorogalum page:
>Formerly considered to be part of 
>the Liliaceae family, Dahlgren placed
>this genus in the Hyacinthaceae family,
>but dna now suggests they be assigned 
>to the Agavaceae family

Oh my, it seems that we've lost another genus.  It's astoundiung to me to discover that Camassia, after it's liberation from Liliaceae, and it's journey to the Scilloideae family and then the Hyacinthinaceae, should end up in Agavaceae! What other bulbous genera, beside Chlorogalum and Camassia are slated to become such unlikely bedfellows? Maybe, where this genus should really go, is in the Chemidaceae (oops, I mean Themidaceae) along with Brods and Trits, based on dna chemical analysis?

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