Major update and additions to 'Edgewood Gardens' - John Lonsdale's web site - Cross Posted

John Lonsdale
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 05:25:06 PST

With apologies for the cross-posting, I have just uploaded 400 new images to
my web site (, covering many genera of
interest to members of all four lists this message was posted to.  All
images were taken in the garden here over the past 3 months or so.  There
are too many new entries to list individually but they can all be seen in
the attachment accompanying this e-mail (a .txt file which should be
universally accessible).  This will also be available on the web site.  More
updates will be coming soon !

A very much enhanced version of the aspWebAlbum software that controls the
image galleries has recently been implemented.  Numerous new features are
included, especially support which allows visitors to set their own viewing
preferences.  It is now possible to locally set the number of columns and
rows used to display thumbnails, allowing customization to suit individual
screen sizes and resolutions.  One can also now select favorite images and
save them in a 'Favorites' folder which can be reviewed whenever the site is
visited.  Full use of these new features requires cookie support to be
enabled on your browser, but please note that cookies used by the script to
enhance your experience have no other functions, overt or covert!

Updates can now be viewed from directly within the Galleries, rather than
from the home page, as before.  To do this, just click on the 'New' button
on the toolbar at top right.  Large pictures can also be viewed in a
slide-show format.  The new features, however, mean that the script will no
longer work on old Netscape browsers (broken picture links in version 4.x
and prior versions). It generally works on old Internet Explorer browsers
(IE 3.x and prior) but may be quirky. It is unlikely that these early
products will be supported in the future, certainly not in the short term -
if you still use them you may want to upgrade or add a browser to your
computer.  Netscape 4.x, 6.0/7.0 and IE 6.0 will all happily sit together
and function perfectly on the same machine.

As always, comments are welcome.  I know of a couple of minor cosmetic
issues with the script that don't affect its functionality.  The filename
length limiter doesn't function yet in the 'New files' output and thumbnails
can be slightly misaligned, also under some circumstances you'll get
duplication of thumbnails in the search output - both of these will be fixed
shortly.  If you find anything more serious please do let me know.  This is
still a work in progress.

Have a great spring !


Dr John T Lonsdale
407 Edgewood Drive,
Exton, Pennsylvania 19341,  USA

Phone: 610 594 9232
Fax:      801 327 1266

Visit "Edgewood" - The Lonsdale Garden at

Zone 6b

 Adonis amurensis 
 Adonis amurensis Fukujukai 
 Adonis vernalis
 Colchicum hungaricum albumCorydalis erdellii
 Corydalis malkensis 
 Corydalis maracandica 
 Corydalis paschei P&SCH8927 
 Corydalis popovii 
 Corydalis solida Caitlin
 Corydalis solida Firectacker
 Crocus aleppicus S9914
 Crocus ancyrensis LB492 
 Crocus baytopiorum
 Crocus biflorus ssp. alexandri HS 
 Crocus biflorus ssp. biflorus MO9528
 Crocus biflorus ssp. isauricus
 Crocus biflorus ssp. pseudonubigena KPPZ90-108
 Crocus biflorus ssp. stridii ex Thessalonika
 Crocus candidus LB422 
 Crocus chrysanthus S0237 (poss. var. brunellus) 
 Crocus chrysanthus dark anthers 
 Crocus chrysanthus dark tube
 Crocus corsicus 
 Crocus corsicus albus 
 Crocus cyprius
 Crocus dalmaticus 
 Crocus danfordiae 
 Crocus etruscus Rosalind
 Crocus fleischeri M093-28 
 Crocus gargaricus ssp. gargaricus JCA344.090
 Crocus gargaricus ssp. herbertii
 Crocus heuffelianus 
 Crocus kerndorffiorum HKEP9010
 Crocus korolkowii 
 Crocus korolkowii Yellow Tiger
 Crocus olivieri ssp. balansae 
 Crocus paschei HKEP9034 
 Crocus paschei (Christian biflorus ssp. pulchricolor) 
 Crocus pestalozzae
 Crocus reticulatus hybrid ex GBG
 Crocus scepusiensis var. leucostigma
 Crocus sieberi ssp. nivalis 
 Crocus sp. (olivieri) LB473 
 Crocus versicolor 
 Crocus vitellinus 
 Crocus x jessopae 
 Crocus x paulinae 
 Cyclamen coum ssp. coum f. albissimum ex Hornig 
 Cyclamen coum ssp. elegans
 Cyclamen cyprium
 Cyclamen trochopteranthum 
 Cyclamen trochopteranthum CS98-08 
 Daphne bholua 
 Daphne jezoensis
 Eranthis stellata 
 Eranthis x tubergenii 
 Eranthis x tubergenii Guinea Gold 
 Fritillaria aurea 
 Fritillaria collina 
 Fritillaria crassifolia ssp. kurdica
 Fritillaria davisii 
 Fritillaria euboica OS620 
 Fritillaria gibbosa 
 Fritillaria japonica var. koidzumiana 
 Fritillaria minuta
 Fritillaria ojaiensis 
 Fritillaria stenanthera 
 Fritillaria stenanthera Kyrgystan 
 Fritillaria stenanthera late pale form
 Fritillaria stenanthera pale form 
 Fritillaria zagrica 
 Hammamelis Sunburst 
 Helleborus niger Blackthorn Strain
 Helleborus Party Dress Purple 
 Helleborus thibetanus 
 Hepatica asiatica var. japonica f. magna
 Hepatica insularis
 Hepatica nobilis
 Hepatica seedlings
 Hepatica transsylvanica 
 Ipheion felipponei
 Iris bakeriana
 Iris galatica 
 Iris histrio
 Iris histrio T93.02 
 Iris histrio T93.11 
 Iris hyrcana
 Iris kolpakowskiana Alma-Ata
 Iris kolpakowskiana Sksakatasai 
 Iris kuschakewiczii 
 Iris Lady Beatrix Stanley 
 Iris narbuti Kara-Kaga
 Iris narbutii hybrid
 Iris nicolai
 Iris nicolai Harangon 
 Iris palaestina LB324 
 Iris rosenbachiana Tovil-Dara 
 Iris Sindpers 
 Iris Sindpers 
 Iris sp. (caucasica)
 Iris stenophylla ssp. allisonii 
 Jeffersonia dubia alba
 Narcissus albidus coll. El Ksibi
 Narcissus albidus ssp. albidus SF110
 Narcissus albidus ssp. albidus SF110-2
 Narcissus albidus ssp. occidentalis KD
 Narcissus albidus ssp. occidentalis SF15
 Narcissus albidus ssp. tananicus RW 
 Narcissus albidus x romieuxii SF126-1 
 Narcissus Bowles' Early Sulphur 
 Narcissus bulbocodium M88.32
 Narcissus bulbocodium ssp. graelsii RW
 Narcissus bulbocodium ssp. praecox M84.35 RW
 Narcissus Camoro
 Narcissus cantabricus ssp. cantabricus
 Narcissus cantabricus ssp. foliosus 
 Narcissus cantabricus ssp. petunioides x triandrus
 Narcissus cantabricus var. laciniatus 
 Narcissus cordubensis Lemon form
 Narcissus Fyno
 Narcissus hedraeanthus
 Narcissus romieuxii ENF 
 Narcissus romieuxii JWB8913 
 Narcissus romieuxii ssp. mesatlanticus 
 Pulsatilla slavica
 Crocus sp. ex Greece 
 Tulipa hissarica

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