Fw: [pbs] The genus Allium (TOW)

Pacific Rim paige@hillkeep.ca
Tue, 04 Mar 2003 18:10:42 PST
Mary Sue wrote:

> Doesn't anyone else is this group grow Alliums?

I do, and I love them. But I am up to my neck in my off-net life, able to do
little more than wave before sinking over the horizon. Glub, glub.

I still think the Allium treatment in the most recent Herbertia deserves
recognition and comments it has not received. Mark and my other Allium
allies have all been too busy to read it thoroughly and I, apart from NOT
being an expert, am too busy to write a detailed guide to the passages that
are curious and interesting to me.

Could we do Allium over again in (thinks rapidly) early December?

Best to all.

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