my backyard

Diane Whitehead
Sun, 09 Mar 2003 16:56:19 PST
Jennifer, space doesn't make a more interesting garden.  I have 
observed many times that small spaces are more interesting.  It seems 
that as space increases, gardeners waste lots of it.  Big trees can 
take up the equivalent of a city lot, and the trees often are not 
well-chosen.  Huge areas are given over to paving or grass.  This is 
not a result of the type of gardener.  I can remember seeing the tiny 
garden of a well-known but to remain unnamed gardener.  It was 
bursting with colour and fascinating plants.  Then this person moved 
to a large property and the garden that was developed there did not 
have the excitement of the previous tiny one.

Diane Whitehead

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