Favorite Sources of Bulbs and Seed--TOW

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 10:09:55 PST
Dear All,

Several people requested that we talk about favorite sources for bulbs and 
seeds. One of them suggested we concentrate on the good sources and not the 
ones we have been unhappy with. Hopefully what is a favorite for one person 
will not have been a disappointment for someone else. I agree being 
positive is better, but think if we know about problems with some source 
that is recommended (takes money and doesn't send out bulbs, bulbs arrive 
shriveled and never recover, bulbs dug in the wild, etc.), that information 
is valuable as well.

I'd like to suggest that since we are an international group that we 
include international sources so that people will list favorite sources in 
Australia, Canada, United States, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, South 
America etc. even though some of those places may not ship everywhere. 
Perhaps where they do ship and how to get in touch with them would be 
helpful information to add if you have it. We have 153 email addresses 
subscribed to our list and you never can tell who might find your 
information helpful. Let's cover all the possibilities.

Jim Shields keeps a data base of sources so perhaps he will get some new 
ideas. Please tell us about your favoites.

Mary Sue 

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