Allium akaka et al
Sun, 09 Mar 2003 20:06:02 PST
I have not been successful in growing this species.  As Jerry Flintoff 
suggests, there's something in the name itself that's intriguing.  The photo 
in Phillips and Rix book on Bulbs doesn't do it much justice.  I just did a 
google search for photos and came up with the following two.  The first link 
is very long and wraps... be sure to copy and paste the whole thing.  The 
second link shows a most desirable plant.…


By the way, there's a whole range of species closely allied to A. akaka and 
karataviense, such as the most desirable A. mirum (I've yet to get this one) 
and A. cucullatum (with yellow, bronze-shaded flowers).  

Fortunately a few extra special species have become available in recent 
years, such as A. karataviense 'Red Globe' (immense red balls; pictures have 
been posted to the "Big Ball Onions" page on the PBS wiki Allium page), and 
the glorious A. nevskianum.  For 4 excellent photos of the latter, check out 
John Lonsdale's photos at:…

(watch for URL wrapping, be sure to copy and paste the whole url).

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