Some comments on Rhodophiala

Den Wilson
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 09:48:07 PST

Rhodophila  andicola, araucana, advena and chilense, are just coming into
growth this side of the world after a cool/dry winter. I am interested in
Alberto's comments that R. advena is really a winter-grower and it is quite
possible that I have induced it to behave out of phase. The problem arises
because some species are extremely opportunistic (particularly as seedlings)
and continue to grow if temperatures are suitable and moisture is available.
Jack Elliott once told me they must be forced into dormancy or they will
eventually decline and it seems I may have done this at exactly the wrong
time with R. advena. However, it seems none the worse for it and flowers in
early to mid-summer here. I have sown a fresh batch of seed and will try to
grow them the 'right' way around for comparison. R.bifida seedlings from
Alberto's generous contributions seem much less easily persuaded to grow out
of season and are becoming dormant now.


Den Wilson
Isle of Wight
Zone 8 (maritime) almost frost-free.

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