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Sun, 30 Mar 2003 16:07:42 PST
Hamish, you have divined my meaning. "Souncy" is a word used in our family.
Having just now failed to find it in a slew of dictionaries, I can only
smile. I don't know where it comes from but it was used as far back as my
mother's mother's mother, who was a young matron in Ontario the 1850s. Her
roots were Irish. 

Paige Woodward

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> Paige wrote:
> "....This spring, our weather has seemed unusual to me, whipping back and
forth between zephyrs and harsh sleet.
> Many crocuses survive these contradictions but vitellinus is one of two
> make me rub my eyes. The other is C. x jessopae. No sooner is one advance
of flowers flattened than another rises, souncy and vigorous."
> Is "souncy" a typo or some BC slang I don't know?
> >From your comment a meaning of "bouncy and saucy" would sound about
> Regards Hamish
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