Crocus vitellinus images
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 10:41:49 PST
The very first bulb to bloom in my garden this year is this winter-flowering 
species from Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey; Crocus vitellinus. The particular 
plants shown were purchased as bulbs from Paige Woodward's Pacific Rim 
Nursery and planted out last fall. Just 2 days after 24" (60 cm) of hardened 
snow and ice receded on the warm south side my house, this tiny species 
popped into bloom. A series of 5 photos were taken today and posted to the 
PBS wiki Crocus page. 

The golden flowers have a pleasant sweet scent, and are brushed and speckled 
with brown on the exterior base of the tepals. Looking down on the flowers, 
they have a triangular countenance. The large glossy green leaves seen near 
the crocus bunch is Sternbergia lutea, which amazingly keeps its beautiful 
leaves even with an iceberg sitting on them all winter. 

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The best of the 5 photos…

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