Mystery Romulea

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 23 Mar 2003 17:47:48 PST
Dear All,

I have studied my books today and I don't think my mystery Romulea is 
minutiflora. It doesn't completely fit the other two South African 
suggestions either. And it doesn't look like the plants on page 31 of Rix 
and Phillips. I only have two Brian Mathew books and not the one mentioned 
so perhaps Robin if I give you more information you can look for me. Did 
you all reject Romulea ramiflora? The description in the book Alberto 
doesn't like sounds a bit like my plant.

Each plant has 3 or 4 leaves. At this point they are very long. Most 
measure almost 28cm. The bract is mostly green with a very thin membraneous 
margin. The bracteole is green with a much wider membraneous margin (but 
not speckled.) The back of the leaves is yellow-green with 3 purple 
stripes. There are 1 to 2 flowers. The distinctive thing my husband pointed 
out is that the flowering stem is brown and rises from the ground. There is 
one green leaf next to it and the stem branches off and another leaf where 
it branches becomes green. The length of the stem from the branching off is 
about 7 cm.

This is I guess a lot of effort for something I don't plan to keep, but 
maybe it will turn out to be something someone wants.

Mary Sue

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