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<< I have been talking to someone in TX about Rhodies. He
(Joe) says that his bulbs are about the size of golf
bulbs but they do not set seeds. He thought they are
either triplods or sterile but doesn't know for sure.
Are there fertile clones as well as sterile ones? 
I was hoping to be able to use them for hybridizing
experiments with Hippeastrums?
Also, does anyone know, Alberto maybe?, do they cross
with any other genera?  >>

I got mine from the famous Scott Ogden in Texas and they behaved just as 
everyone predicted--as outlined above.  Then I got some seeds of pink ones 
from Phil Adams down in southern California.  When those seedlings reached 
maturity, suddenly the Texas ones became fertile and have been ever since.  
Seems all they needed was a mate!

But it is indeed possible they are triploid as their seed production still 
does not compare with the others, with just a few variously-sized seeds per 

The Texas red one is apparently the only form of this species that multiplies 
by bulb division.  The others only by way of seed, as I understand it.

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