What's in bloom in the garden now

J.E. Shields jshields104@insightbb.com
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 07:20:25 PST
Hi all,

This is not a Mediterranean climate, of course!

Galanthus elwesii and G. nivalis in various forms are in bloom in the 
woodland garden right now.  In more open areas, G. nivalis is not showing 
yet.  Eranthis cilicica is also in bloom in the woodland garden, albeit in 
greatly reduced numbers from a couple of years ago.

Iris reticulata 'Purple Gem' is in full bloom.

So much for actual flowers.  What has survived and is at least sending up 
green shoots is also interesting.  In the rock garden, I have green showing 
on Brodiaea coronaria, Ornithogalum balense, and Narcissus assoanus, 
calciolus, fernandesii, henriquesii, and rupicola.  These have been in the 
rock garden since late last summer.  You can see the actual bed at 

Lots of things are now coming up, after a few days with afternoon 
temperatures in the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit.  In a few more days I should 
have lots more blooms to report.

Jim Shields
in central Indiana (USA)

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