"Bad" Bulb Sources - ID

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 06:08:28 PST
Dear all;
	I differ about mentioning 'bad' sources of bulbs. If the 
writer personally has had problems with a source, he/she should 
certainly contact that source. If still dissatisfied, there is no 
reason to restrain from relating personal experience. I stress 
"personal experience" and not generalized ranting about all aspects 
of a company.
	A few comments suggest early experiences that 'went bad'. I 
assume this is a case of the naive bulb grower buying a 'bargain'. 
We've all done that knowing it was too cheap to be real.
	I have had bad experiences with Louisiana Nursery years ago 
and got turned off, but I know others who find them acceptable. The 
complaints about Michigan Bulb Company are legend. (BTW They're back 
after claiming bankruptcy, I just got a catalog in the mail. Why 
me?). And the notorious Ty-Ty/ Georgia Bulb, Mary Washington (they go 
under a variety of names -as do their plants) is a place I could 
never recommend.
	Point is a person can and should complain responsibly and not 
condemn a business totally, but personal experience is a lesson for 

	Mis-Identified bulbs. I shouldn't have to even say this, but 
anyone and everyone can mis-identify a bulb. Once dormant the 
differences between species, cultivars etc can be impossible to tell 
apart. Even the very best growers who handle hundreds of bulbs can 
easily mix up a bulb here and there. Just so many ways to have ID 
problems. Everyone can have mix ups.
	And there are SO MANY ways a bulb can get mixed up from the 
time it goes dormant, to digging, to transfer, to sorting, to 
packaging and shipping. Bulb resellers have twice as many chances to 
mix up bulbs.

	Of course when this is a $50 rarity, it becomes a serious 
complaint, but we have all seen a bed of yellow tulips with a pink 
one here and purple there.

	Let common sense prevail. I'd like to hear of bulb suppliers 
who have given some gardeners problems, then satisfied customers can 
come to their defense and let the reader decide.

	Just keep calm.		Jim W.
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