Bulbocodium cultivqation

Judy Glattstein jglatt@ptd.net
Sun, 30 Mar 2003 14:00:36 PST
James, I think it is a matter of ignorance being blissful - The
slope where the bulbocodium are planted is sunny and the soil
is heavy clay, and thus wet/ cold. So I dumped a 50-pound bag
of 3/8-inch red shale gravel and dug it in. Planted the corms, and
then a groundcover of some creeping thyme. The latter serves two purposes -
it keeps me from digging around to plant something new when the geophytes
are dormant. And it is my theory, valid or not,
that a plant in active growth in the summer must use up some of
the moisture that the dormant geophyte does not want/ need. And
then ignore them. They grow just fine (may this statement not be the
kiss of death to their survival!) surprise me every March - hey look!
there are the bulbocodium again. - and seem content with such
treatment. I am afraid to "fix" what isn't broken by digging around
from curiosity to see what is happening, to lift, divide, whatever.
Any advice/ suggestions?

Judy, where so far the snow has not yet materialized but we are parking at
the bottom of the driveway as a precaution.

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