the off season

Ernie O'Byrne
Tue, 04 Mar 2003 16:50:40 PST
However, in defense of our climate, we currently have Corydalis solida and
edulis, Chionodoxas, Scillas, Albucas, Anemonella, Anemones blanda and X
fulgens, Erythronium revolutum, Fritillaria persica, not to mention the
snowdrops which are almost finished, and the various Narcissus that have
been blooming for a month now and will continue into May. Not only that, but
that is just what comes to mind here in the middle of the night at the
computer. I could go out tomorrow and at least double the list. AND they
last and last here in our mild springs. It is not a flash in the pan show.

What people in harsher climates do not always understand about our year
'round gardening is that there is not the frantic rush to get everything
done in a brief period of time as there is in other parts of the country.
I'll take the even pace any day. We often travel (usually to southern
climes) for a month or more at a time in the winters.

By the way, I'm not encouraging anyone to move here. As our former Governor
Tom McCall used to say, "Come visit Oregon, but don't stay." ;-)

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Sounds like the  inexperience   of youth to me.


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