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gerrit oskam
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 00:43:26 PST
Dear Charles,

Your e-mail about yellow or purple flowered Argemone reminds me of a friend 
who once tried to convince me that there do exist pink or purple coloured 
forms of Romneya which I find difficult to believe.
I always thought the same about the pink snowdrop as a non existing "myth" 
plant but during my last visit to England I was assured that the pink 
(apricot?) snowdrop does exist.
There do exist pink forms of Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) as 
you might know.
I can't throw a light on your germination problems with the coloured 
Argemone variants but cannot see why these forms shouldn't produce fertile 
Seed of yellowish Argemone types is sometimes offered by Chiltern Seeds if 
I remember well.

Best, Gerrit Oskam, Netherlands, zone 7-8, Mild Spring weather, Snowdrops 
and early Crocus species are nearly over now

At 21:58 10/03/03 -0500, you wrote:
>I live in South Texas and we have a variety of white argemone (prickly
>poppy), that grows wild in the countryside.  Occasionally, you'll find  a
>pocket of yellow, or purple flowered ones.  I have tried without success to
>germinate the seeds of these colored mutations.  Do the colored varieties
>produce sterile seed?  Or is there a seed treatment you could recommend?
>   I've grown argemone mexicana from T& M without problem and it reseeds
>without any special treatment.
>   Any suggestions?
>   Charles Edelman
>   South Texas
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