Scilla natalensis

Ken K
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 19:58:52 PST
Dear Diana,

Part of the renovation might have included dividing these bulbs and
selling them at the Fall Garden sale, where I was lucky enough to
obtain one almost the size of a hardball. Even though I kept it under
cover and totally dry over winter, it started sprouting about a month
ago, and I started watering it. It almost immediately grew a small
tuft of leaves about 3" long, and then seemed to stall, even though I
have been watering it and giving it light feedings. From some of the
other responses in this thread, this sounds like its normal growth
pattern. I don't see any sign of a scape, and I may not this year,
since I (gently) moved it up to a 2-gallon pot as soon as it started

East S.F. Bay Area, Ca.
USDA Zone 9 (mediterranean)
-2°C to 38°C

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