Favorite Seed & Bulb Sources

Douglas Westfall eagle85@flash.net
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 10:27:07 PST
diana chapmanDoug Westfall rarebulbs@earthlink.net1111 Claiborne Dr. Long
Beach, CA

> Another bulb source that I have bought from (although not recently) is M&C
> Willets in California.  I don't have the address.  PLEASE don't e-mail me
> for the addresses.  All of my old seed lists are packed away in a storage
> locker and are totally inaccessible!!  I hope someone else has them handy.
> I have bought only a few things but I was more than satisfied with the
> quality and maturity of the bulbs I ordered.

I have also bought from this source - avery rare Scadoxus - and I was VERY
satisfied.  His place is very unpretentious, but the quality is "top


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