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Thu, 06 Mar 2003 16:41:00 PST
Hi PBS'rs,

Another message from me as a precursor to a more detailed follow-up message (I'm posting this at 7:20 pm from work, letting the traffic wane and the roads to clear from our 1" of predicted snow that has turned into about 8").  I wanted to let you all know, that I have uploaded a large number of Allium photos, but have only linked a portion of them so far.  Added a couple dozen links today.  

I was going to do more last night, but "coming down" after a weeklong deadline for a presentation at work yesterday, when I went on the computer last night I actually fell asleep at the computer.  I'm amazed I actually don't topple over off the stool, but somehow I manage to stay upright while dozing.

Some hightlights of what I added:
On the main Allium page at:…
I added some "garden views", 2 shots showing the allium garden in mid July at the height of the summer Allium season. The 2nd shot evokes considerable sensation for me when I view it, the garden a simmering landscape of pastel flower sprays and color bobs waivering in the hot breeze on a day in the upper 90s (Fahrenheit) or 36 Celsius. Typically the summer blooms hold mesmerizing attraction for bees, and a walk among the garden is accompanied by a constant drone of buzzing, the flowers wafting a decidely sweet scent.

On the American Onions page at:…
I posted photos of the following species and forms: cernuum in several varieties, including the one I named 'Oxy White" (syn. A. oxyphilum), the incredibly sweet scented pixie A. perdulce, the hardy Mexican A. mannii and kin A. plummerae from Arizona and New Mexico, a nice pink A. amplectans, and two shots of A. canadense forma florosum.  More info on each of these can be found on the image links.

On the Allium flavum & kin page at:…
(watch for URL wrapping)
I have added a couple more images of Allium flavum ssp. tauricum color forms, and images of related kin, namely paniculatum and sibthorpianum.

On the Big Ball Alliums page at:…
I added a photo of the super-mega onion Allium 'Globemaster" and an image showing the excellent seed heads (photographed in my office today!).

On the Allium Hybrids page at:…
I added several very interesing spontaneous hybrids and selections.  Check out Allium cernuum x rubens, stellatum x nutans, stellatum (or cernuum) x senescens, and a two-tiered white form of Allium angulosum.  Lots of interesting things.

Ok, have to drive home the 38 miles from my office in the snow.  Take care until later,

Mark McDonough        
Pepperell, Massachusetts, United States  
"New England", near New Hampshire  
USDA Zone 5
alliums, bulbs, penstemons, hardy hibiscus, 
western american alpines, iris, plants of all 

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