Deep pots

Paul Tyerman
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 17:55:49 PST
>I have found that regular 5 gallon pots are usually deep enough for
Rhodophialas and other bulbs that like to grow deep.  A solution for small
quantities of bulbs is to take a one gallon or two gallon pot, fill it two
thirds full of potting medium, then take another pot of the same size, cut
the bottom out, place it inside the first pot and then fill it with potting
medium (you then have two pots stacked one inside the other, giving you
double the depth).  I have had as many as three two gallon pots stacked in
such a manner for things like Tropaeolum.  Unpotting the bulbs is very
easy, since you just lift the top pot out, and the potting soil falls away,
exposing the bulbs.


Could you possibly give some sort of key as to what size the various pots
are?  The term Gallon isn't used here in Australia (well not for many years
anyway) so I have no idea.  I tend to work by the diameter of the top of
the pot in either cm or inches, i.e being a standard 6"/15cm  pot, or a
squat 6"/15cm pot (which is the shorter version) and really have no idea of
what the gallonage (is that a word) is.  I can check pots for litres as
they are usually shown on the bottom of some of the pots, but not gallons.

Sorry to be a pain, but it is frustrating to have useful information on pot
sizes for various things, but not be able to use it because you we don't
use the same measurements.

Your description of the stacking of the pots is rather interesting, and
something I will certainly think about for some of those things that like
to try to escape through the holes in the bottom of the pot, as it gives
them more space to go down through to the "right" depth.  I hadn't thought
of doing it that way, but had been trying to find deeper pots for some of
them, which then become frustrating as they use so much more space and mix
because they are so much wider to get the depth, when you don't need the
width but only the depth.  I'm very glad you mentioned it as it is a big


Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia.  USDA equivalent - Zone 8/9

Growing.... Galanthus, Erythroniums, Fritillarias, Cyclamen, Crocus,
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