Favorite Seed & Bulb Sources

Jim Lykos annejim@acay.com.au
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 05:52:10 PST
  Hi Mary,

I've been importing seed from a number of overseas sources to Australia 
for the past 4 years.
Importation of seed into Australia  is fairly simple  and trouble free 
if  the basic requirements of  the Quarantine Authority are met - there 
are no phytosanitary certificate requirements for seed.

For instance the seed needs to be clean,  and properly labelled,  and  
the label shouldnt contain the descriptor ' Mixed varieties' nor be  on 
a  noxious weed list.  Otherwise the process is direct and fairly quick 
- all mail packets containing a declaration of seed are inspected and 
sent on to the addresse usually within a week. If the plant is not on 
the AQIS Plant database - the addresse is requested to fill in a booklet 
of information about the plant and provide some horticultural evidence 
or references indicating  that the plant will not prove to be an 
agricultural weed.  Hence there can be problems with seed labeled  with 
 and Sp? instead of  a specific species name.
However, AQIS the Quarantine Service,  confiscated one of my parcels 
last year  sent by a Clivia seed supplier. It arrived with  a list of 
the Clivia crosses  and each seed packet contained a code found on the 
list.  The problem was that the list didnt match some of the codes on 
the packets and that the genus and species were actually not named on 
the list as only cultivar names were provided.   Consequently  the 
entire package was regarded as illegal and when this happens the 
Quarantine service either destroys the seed or asks you to pay a still 
fee for returning them to the sender. It was an expensive error.
My favorite seed  providers where service is  excellent are :   
Silverhill Seeds, Penrock Seeds,  Chiltern Seeds and the German Rare 
Plants site;  and more recently I  was delighted with  South American 
plant seed from  Maruo's Brazilian Plants list.  


Jim Lykos
Blue Mountains Sydney Australia
Zone 9  - 10

Mary Sue Ittner wrote:

> Dear Australian subscribers,
> We have quite a number of people on this list from Australia. What are 
> your favorite sources for seed and bulbs? I know that you have trouble 
> importing a lot of things so I assume that many of you use sources in 
> Australia.
> Mary Sue
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