Some comments on Rhodophiala

Jane McGary
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 13:45:51 PST
Tony Avent wrote,
>	We ordered the phycella/rhodophiala from Dutch Gardens.  On the package,
>the label had been hand-changed to say Valotta mixed.  They seem to be very

I suspect this was done to get around a problem that Dutch exporters have
with the US Dept. of Agriculture, which (I was once told) has established a
sort of "white list" for mass-marketed Dutch bulbs that are allowed into
the USA without the special requirements normally applied to imported plant
material. Unfortunately, bulbs uncommon in commerce are not on the list,
and as a result some exporters will not ship them here at all. An example
that annoys me is Hyacinthella dalmatica, which is offered in Dutch
wholesale lists but not shipped to the USA, and which is very slow to
increase in my garden.

Possibly the rhodophialas/phycellas were renamed vallotas because the
latter is already on the list, if indeed it still exists.

Jane McGary

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