Allium hyalinum image
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 10:18:02 PST
I noticed a new wiki photo of Allium hyalinum by Bob Rutemoeller.  It's located at the following link, or go to the PBS wiki and click on Allium, then select American Onions and scroll down to this species:…

There are two photos of this species posted, but please look at the 2nd photo, or use the link above. The image shows a remarkable thing about some forms of the species; rather than having the typical 6 tepals that all members of the genus Allium have, this is a polytepalous form having 7, 8, or more tepals in each flower!  The closeup photo also clearly shows the glassy, reflective texture of the flowers. The forms of A. hyalinum I once grew when I lived in the Seattle area look just like this multi-tepal form; it's a real beauty.

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