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David Fenwick
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 16:34:24 PST
>>>>Unknown -- This showed up in a potful of Geissorhiza seedlings, seed
from Silverhill. Any help identifying this would be welcome. Photographed by
Mark Mazer.…

Could this be Romulea clusiana.

Best Wishes,


David Fenwick
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> Dear All,
> I have added two more pictures of bulbs to identify to the Mystery bulb
> One is a Ferraria that Doug Westfall was asking about on an image list. I
> promised to look through one of my keys for him, but haven't done it so if
> anyone thinks it looks familiar speak up.
> The second picture is one of a Moraea growing in Jana Ulmer's garden that
> bloomed late spring early summer last year. She claims that I gave it to
> her which could be, but I have never seen one of these blooming in my
> garden.  She saved seed for me and I have some healthy seedlings of my own
> now. So we are both eager to know what it is. We wondered about the
> Gynandriris group since we don't have pictures of all of them. I looked
> through page by page of the Goldblatt Moraea book. Moraea debilis was
> possible but the drawing didn't show the spots. Jana has given us
> dimensions in her picture which is a good idea. She may have to come out
> lurkdom to give more information. Lauw? Anyone?
> Thanks in advance.
> Mary Sue
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