Recent useful geophyte publications

Robin Attrill
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 14:43:36 PST
Dear all,

Three recent publications that contain some useful articles......

The March 2003 AGS bulletin contains a very interesting article on
Reticulata Iris hybrids with the emphasis on I. danfordiae x I. sophenensis.
The same issue contins a useful article on pests, particularly Vine Weevil
and Lily Beetle, and contains details of a host of excellent plants,
including many bulbs/corms, that featured at AGS shows during 2002.

The March 2003 issue of The Plantsman contains an excellent article on
Fritillaria imperialis and its cultivars, an article on Tien Shan bulbs, and
descriptions of new Fritillaria and Ornithogalum taxa. Subscription is

Finally, a recent Kew monograph by W T Stearn on The Genus Epimedium (ISBN 1
84246 039 0) also includes illustrated accounts of related geophytic
berberidaceae, including Podophyllum, Bongardia, Gymnospermium and Leontice.
A fine book that deserves a wide audience.

Robin Attrill

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