Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 20:11:47 PST
Dear All,

Den Wilson has kindly written us some text for the Fungal Diseases page of 
the Wiki telling us how to treat and prevent Stagnospora. Reading what he 
and Jim Shields have written make me wonder whether I should be trying to 
grow Amaryllids outside in winter. Some of them do so much better in the 
ground however. Even in my greenhouse the humidity during winter is 
frequently very high. I guess I am lucky I haven't had this problem on my 
Nerines before. I have posted two more pictures to the page below. One 
shows the leaf on one of my Nerines and the other some Zephyranthes leaves. 
I must admit the latter hasn't exactly had the best treatment since I had 
decided I was throwing it out anyway since I can't get it to bloom. Little 
did I know that it would provide an example that could be photographed for 
the wiki so it has come in handy. I will try to treat the Nerine, but the 
others are going. Do they both have stagnospora do you think? Between mealy 
bugs, virus and now this I am reminded why for years I concentrated on 
other families.…

My next task will be to write up something about mealy bugs to go with 
Arnold's great picture. Luckily there is a lot that has been posted on it 
over the years.

I don't think anyone has written a response to Jennifer's question about 
the leaves on her tulip.

Mary Sue

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