TOW Allium tuberosum

Lauw de Jager
Fri, 07 Mar 2003 00:22:53 PST
Dear all,
I cannot resist to defend this 'chinese chive' which I sincerely
recommend for naturalisation; it should not be put in the same catagory
as some notorious Allium weeds (such as A roseum, ampoloprasum,
triquetrum etc). Indeed at can spread by reseeding, but the rhizomes can
be easily removed (no bulbils are formed). It provides  an agreable 
surprise to  see its white flowers appear naturally in the middle of our
dry mediterranean summer. Its cultivation is quite similar to Tulbaghia
violacea (but more hardy by its winterdomancy) to which it can be  well
associated; it also provides a nice follow-up when the agapanthus
flowering terminates by the end of July.
On top of that the leaves are widely use  by the Chinese 'cuisine'. 
Kind regards

Mark wrote:
 it's an aggressive THUG.  The fleshy  rhizomes are deeply seated and
tenacious, whereas the growth above the  multi-pronged rhizome is fleshy
and tender... pulling on plants or seedlings  results in the plant
ripping off,
Diane Whitehead a *crit :
I was surprised to read Mark's warning against Allium tuberosum, aka
> garlic chives.  It is definitely not a thug in my garden. So - do I have a different species, or just a non-rhizomatous form?

Lauw de Jager 
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