Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 19:37:56 PST
Dear All,

After getting Jim's note I thought I should rewrite what I wrote on the 
Wiki about Calostemma since there seems to be a question about whether the 
two species in question should be merged. To add a new wrinkle I found in 
my Encyclopedia of Australian Plants another species mentioned, Calostemma 
scott-sellickiana. This one is white, blooms Nov-Feb, is from Queensland 
and the Northern Territories and is described as attractive, very hardy and 
drought resistant and useful for warm inland or tropical areas. It doesn't 
like cold wet soils and heated glasshouse is needed for growing in southern 
Australia. Anyone know anything about it?

Here is my revised Wiki page:…
I hope I have rewritten it to cover the possibilities.

Mary Sue

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