Apply for tax-exempt status
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 19:37:42 PST
To all PBS Members:

Thanks to the support of all of our valuable members, PBS has grown more 
quickly than most of us expected.  We are therefore in the process of becoming 
legally an unincorporated association and applying for state and federal tax 

As we have already begun this process, we cannot now deposit checks.  We are 
aware that several of you have sent checks, and may be curious to see that they 
have not yet been deposited.  Rest assured that we are in the final stages of 
the application process, and as soon as we compile our complete financial 
information, the applications will be submitted.  In the meantime, we are in 
the process of providing Bank of America the documentation necessary to open 
and operate a business account while tax-exempt status is pending.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer at  We are dedicated to keeping all organizational 
and financial information regarding PBS open and available to all members.

Thank you all for your support of PBS!

Cathy Craig, President
Marguerite English, Vice President & Editor
Mary Sue Ittner, List Administrator
Vicki Sironen, Membership Chair
Dell Sherk, SX/BX Chair
Lee Poulsen, Secretary
Jennifer Hildebrand, Treasurer

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