Coping with Cold (Bulbs for frozen soil)--TOW

Mon, 31 Mar 2003 17:35:45 PST

My experiences are quite similar. This year the Arum italicum ssp. 
Albispathum was almost completely defoliated by the frigid cold and is 
sending up new leaves at the moment.  Same for the Muscari macrocarpum 
and muscarimi the foliage gets very withered but bounces back just 
fine..   The foliage of crocus sativus and other fall blooming crocus 
looks almost unscathed.  Colchicum kesselringii has flowers at the 
moment along with Crocus vernus ssp. vernus.  Some small creature has 
eaten  petals of many other crocus, leaving them strewn about the ground.

New Jersey

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