Narcissus calcicola

Kathy Andersen
Sun, 30 Mar 2003 18:36:09 PST
Although, N. rupicola normally has only one flower per scape, I have seen a
number in the wild with two flowers and, on two occasions, three flowers.
This species has virtually no pedicel so is very crowded when carrying more
than one flower.  N. calcicola has a much longer pedicel.  Multiple flowers
per scape are not crowded.  The shape of the coronas can vary widely within
a population.  Surely a three-headed stem raised from seed would be N.
calcicola rather than N. rupicola.

Kathy Andersen
Wilmington, Delaware

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> Jane:
> The flower stem has three flowers on it.  John Blanchard states  that
> rupicola has singular flowers that  flare out, while calcicola are
> parallel sided.
> Arnold
> New Jersey
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