Wiki News/Virus page

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 13:59:47 PST
Dear All,

Today I created three new pages for the Wiki and before I finished the last 
one people had already used the first two. So it looks like they were needed.

The first page, Mystery Bulbs, is the place to add wiki links for pictures 
of plants you have uploaded you'd like help in identifying.

The second page, Pest and Diseases, is where we can educate others about 
pests and diseases that affect bulbs and show pictures to illustrate 
problems. I am pleased that Jennifer has added some pictures and hope 
people will respond so we can label what these problems are.

I also created a virus page that I linked to the Pest and Disease page. No 
one came to my rescue to write text for it so I made a stab at it myself 
from what people have presented over the years and am open to improvements. 
I added Tony's crocus pictures to this page and two pictures of Sparaxis 
that I thought were virused. When I have time I will add a picture of a 
Sparaxis that I tested that was virused, but I didn't think was. Virused 
plants sometimes grow and increase. I welcome comments.…

I also took off Jennifer's two huge files. There are some other big ones on 
the Wiki that probably need to be downsized too. Jennifer you might want to 
reread all the information about digital photography in our excellent topic 
of the week in December. I use Paint Shop Pro and like it a lot to resample 
or resize images. Please redo some of your bigger files and rename them and 
then let Mark or I know so we can take off the old ones. Thanks.

Mary Sue

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