Mystery bulb

Kelly Irvin
Sun, 23 Mar 2003 06:46:03 PST

Got any other ideas? I have a number of Z. drummondii (C. drummondii) 
for comparison, although I don't believe I have any Z. brazosensis (C. 
pedunculata). But, either description calls for a glaucous, twisted 
foliage. This foliage reminds me of Z. grandiflora foliage, about 1/4 to 
3/8" wide and about 8" long, just not as dark green. I will dig one up 
and take a picture of the bulb, which does not resemble Z. drummondii at 
all. I will try to post it to the WIKI and an image of Z. drummodii for 

These are of images taken last summer, but foliage is starting to poke 
out now.

Alberto Castillo wrote:

> Hi Kelly:
>         It is Cooperia pedunculata if the flower tube is 2 in. long or 
> Cooperia drummondi if it is 4 in. long. From your fantastic images it 
> seems to be the second. Is it in flower right now?
> Regards
> Alberto

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