TOW Allium from seed

Diane Whitehead
Thu, 06 Mar 2003 21:27:06 PST
Mark mentioned that alliums grow from swamps to desert, sea-level to 
mountains.  The growing conditions are extremely varied, and I think 
the seed germination requirements must vary almost as much.  I would 
really like to be able to consult a chart when I am ready to sow some 
seeds.  Perhaps the chart could start simply by area:  eg, Chinese 
mountain species - do this, Iranian desert, do this. Gradually the 
chart could be expanded as individual species are added.

I have grown a few species from seed, usually from seed exchanges but 
occasionally bought from collectors.  I'd like to group these into 
successes and non-successes, and hope that Mark can give some 
suggestions for the latter group.

Generally I have sown the seed as soon as I receive it in mid-winter, 
and most was kept at room temperature (about 17 C, or 65 F) unless it 
was from a desert region, like A. karataviense, which I put outside 
(usual winter temperature is  between 0 and 10 C, or 32 to 50 F)

Successfully grown to flowering:

A. cernuum germinates in about 10 days.
A. cyaneum - 10 to 30 days.  One, which germinated October 1998, 
flowered June 2001.
A.flavum ssp tauricum - 10 days.  A couple which germinated in March 
1998 flowered in summer 2002.

Successfully germinated but haven't flowered yet:

A. amabile - 2 weeks
A. anisopodium - 2 weeks
A. atropurpureum - 2 months
A. caeruleum - many seed packets - has always germinated, usually in 
1 to 2 weeks. I've been growing seed since 1998, but have had none 
flower yet.
A. christophii - 1 year
A. fetisowi - 4 weeks
A. flavum v. nanum - 2 weeks
A. karataviense - 7 weeks
A. mairei amabile - 2 weeks
A. perdulce - 5 weeks
A. siskiyouense - 10 days
A. splendens v. kurilense - 3 weeks

Successfully germinated and grew a couple of years, but then pot was 
empty - eaten by rats?
A. flavum
A. insubricum
A. schubertii
A. victorialis

Not yet germinated:

A. akaka sown 1 year ago
A. dichlamydeum sown 3 years ago
A. forrestii sown 3 months ago
Allium maximowiczii v. shibutsuense sown 3 years ago
A. narcissiflorum sown 4 years ago
A. suaveolens  sown 3 years ago

Diane Whitehead  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
maritime zone 8
cool mediterranean climate (dry summer, rainy winter - 68 cm annually)
sandy soil

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